Fatal shooting investigated in Gogebic County – Investigators on scene – but possible self-inflicted means yet another U.P. resident takes their life in despair – happening almost daily – Does anyone care?

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin: – 4-14-18 Update:

The shooting was reported at 4455 Nylund Road – located between Junet Road and Olson Road.
A neighbor found the victim.
However two immediate neighbors were mentioned by police – obviously shocked and sad. We are withholding all names of the neighbors and apparent victim at this point.

Officials in Gogebic County have not released anything about the shooting.

This apparent suicide underlines the need for better mental health services in the U.P. as we are experiencing about one suicide – and many attempts – almost every day in the U.P. especially among youth including at NMU in Marquette.

Its a tragedy that Lansing cares nothing about as they have slashed and slashed U.P mental health budgets – and mix it with poverty, despair, and one-sided court/cops system and we get suicides.

Plus the youth perceive there is nothing for them with only – low pay paycheck to paycheck and day-to-day living left by the older generations a gift to millennials.
We were hoping they forgive us.

Its has also left an older U.P. generation in despair and with little control of their once good iives – and add in the usual substance issues and its a major crisis that is U.P.-wide.

Like their secretive cop brothers in Ontonagon County and Luce County and more – just love duping the news media and keeping secrets

Its also brings up the coveted, secretive information that very rarely emerges from secret-secret Gogebic County- unless via a weak news release with omissions galore.

Police officials in Gogebic County and Ironwood DPS – have never been known for their candid response to the media – especially if they feel/perceive it embarrasses their controlled area of the U.P.

In fact, U.P. Breaking News has exposed several recent situations in Gogebic County that were false by omission. Keeping their secrets from you like the tragic fatal ice incident when a heavy machine broke thru ice and fell under a barge with a crane. Total cover-up .
It took them three weeks to admit there were two fires – an hour apart – in that triple fatal apartment fire in Ironwood. We reported both fires that tragic morning

4-13-18 – 2:10 p.m. ET 1:10 p.m. CT

Gogebic County officials investigating man found shot to death in his home
Shooting graphic.jpg

Sadly, its beginning to look like the almost daily Suicide Crisis in the U.P., takes another victim

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Ironwood, MI) – Investigators are on the scene of a fatal shooting in Gogebic County.
A neighbor reported finding the victim with a gunshot wound to the head.

The shooting is in Ironwood, MI area – however we are withholding all roads connected to this tragic incident. U.P. Breaking News will not release locations until much later this evening.
The shooting was reported about 12:40 p.m. Central Time.

So far, we have not heard any indication that foul play is suspected.

However, it maybe the latest in a series of shootings, hangings and overdoses that are happening almost daily this winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The mental health organizations have their own crisis – ridiculously low funding and no follow-up care for those with depression. NMU has suffered their own suicides in past month.

When will enough people die in the U.P. before Lansing gets a clue.

Out U.P. legislative delegation suffered their own suicide incident – and yet nothing is done.
We stress this death remains under investigation – but have not heard MSP crime lab called

4 thoughts on “Fatal shooting investigated in Gogebic County – Investigators on scene – but possible self-inflicted means yet another U.P. resident takes their life in despair – happening almost daily – Does anyone care?

  1. I care so much it’s stupid. Michigan chases INDEPENDENT historians and investigators out of there! I’ve lost so many friends and family to suicide in that area, it’s a wonder why I’m still here! This is heartbreaking. I’ve been trying to reach out for years. It nearly killed me. I found a STEP UP in the heart of the ghetto in GARY INDIANA. hello. There’s something wrong with that. Der bohunk!


  2. Oh and it’s super tragic I can’t even live in my hometown because it’s so unhealthy. I’m very sad a lot of the time, and idealize suicide too often. As more victims fall, the worse this feeling becomes. Thanks again, Ironwood. I mean really, THANKS!


  3. The problem is, help with depression isn’t REALLY available unless you have good insurance. I’ve tried to get help and nobody gives a shit unless they can have your money.


    • Ned thank is so awful – thank youfor coping as much as you can. I am trying to get Lansing to notice the problem but so far – as WE both said – they do not care (unless$$$). Ned I pray someone reaches out to you. Try to be strong – what’s gotten you here so far man.


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