Hiding out in the U.P. – a safe zone for hundreds of out-of-state accused crooks – many declared “armed and dangerous” – building a new life in northern Michigan without fear of being extradited

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin: – 4-13-18 – 1:37 p.m. ET


Nebraska, Illinois and Oregon are happy their wanted person is somewhere else like the U.P. – Their problem is now the U.P.’s problem

Safe hiding up north – and nobody knows your past

Hundreds of U.P. residents are wanted on out-of-state warrants – and many more for U.P. warrants. It seems ever fourth driver (25 percent) on the road these days is illegal – either suspended, revoked, drunk or have no insurance.

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Menominee, MI) – Hundreds of Upper Peninsula residents are wanted on out-of-state felony warrants – some even declared “armed and dangerous” like a man in Menominee today – but many states are thrilled their problem is gone and are plum happy these folks have moved to the U.P.

In fact, several times each day, U.P. law enforcement pulls over a car – and have no idea what kind of person will roll down the window. Many are wanted felons who are safe in U.P.

Twice this month, the police NCIC computers has declared someone living here in the U.P. – as “armed and dangerous” and those states refuse to extradite.

One incident was that domestic violence decoy driver in Forsyth Township that we reported on April 2, 2018.

Jermaine Jones FB 1

35-year-old Germaine Javian Jones was given the then-wanted vehicle as the owner of the car took care of a warrant after fleeing a domestic dispute call at his home.

And a check of our records shows he’s out on bond for threatening a state employee – and his January 7, 2018 arrest caused people to celebrate:


Mr. Jones has many aliases. Jermaine “Jay” Jones was booked into the Marquette County Jail just before 3 a.m. ET on January 19, 2018.
His aliases include: Javiaun Jones and Jayjuan Jermaine Jones.
Jones is charged with threatening a state of Michigan Family Independence Agency employee. This type of charge in not common in the U.P.

Illinois put out computer warning that Jones is allegedly “armed and dangerous’ and wanted for drugs in Illinois. But Illinois officials did not want to come get him.

In another U.P. case today, a Milford, MI man (did not catch name) was pulled over by cops – sounded like Alger County call. He was wanted for felony theft/auto theft in Nebraska but there’s a catch. Nebraska does not want him. Cops in Nebraska will only extradite from surrounding states.

Today in Menominee, MI, police answered a domestic dispute call on 1500 block of 46th Avenue – and one half of the dispute has warrants in Colorado.

The NCIC check from Colorado has an “officer safety caution” and declare the man is considered “armed and dangerous” out west.

53-year-old Joseph Roy Feltus has a lengthy criminal history – and while wanted – is safe if he stays in U.P.

Menominee officers investigating the case reported that Feltus and his 40-year-old wife, Laura Susan Feltus, were separated, argument was over, and no charges will be filed.

Feltus has a warrant out west for felon in possession of a weapon (Felon Carrying Concealed Weapon – CCW) warrant out of Oregon.

Oregon cops put a warning on the warrant alleging that Feltus is “armed and dangerous” – yet they really don’t want him – its a non-extraditable warrant.

He has been convicted of crimes – including battery – in the states of Oregon, Florida and Georgia: Battery touch or strike (battery), criminal mischief, out-of-county warrant, misdemeanor probation, failure to appear warrant, and fugitive for other jurisdiction warrant.

Feltus has long history of arrests in Mesa County, CO; Clifton, CO; Cedar Edge, CO; Brevard County, FL; Melbourne, FL; and St. Johns County, FL.
He has past addresses in those states and in Phoenix, Arizona.

Feltus aliases – Joe Roy Feltus, Joe Feltues,

We stress Joseph Roy Feltus was not in trouble today – however it underlines how many wanted folks come to the U.P. to hide.

For all we know, Feltus may be a nice guy – but you can tell how frustrated cops are each and every day in the U.P. – just by their tone on the radio – when they are forced to turn loose people wanted in other states forserious crimes.
Now that person is a U.P. problem.

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