We are in mourning as Tillie Black Bear is on her walk

Tillie Black Bear we miss you.

U.P. Breaking news will soon publish a special story – about this White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Thought I would have been done by Tuesday – but the earliest now seems Wed. afternoon – maybe Thurs. morning. (Then its back to the Coke probe).

Tillie Black Bear was very special person and we want to remember in a special way.

It’s going well.

This world and people are better today because of Tillie Black Bear – hopefully one of us will see her again some day.

These are just a few of the photos I was fortunate to be allowed to take of Tillie Black Bear in Marquette at NMU.


Below: Tillie Black Bear is pictured on Sept. 23, 2008 in Marquette, MI with Dr. José Cuellar of La Raza Studies at San Francisco State University, who spoke on “The Four Enemies of Diversity.”

Black Bear and Dr. Cuellar were both featured speakers at the 2008 UNITED Conference at Northern Michigan University. (photos by Greg Peterson)



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