Videotape emerges – as Delta County tries to stop you from knowing – of an assault and domestic violence melee that happen Sunday night in a Ford River Bar – and a convicted sex offender has been arrested

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 5-1-18 – 1 p.m. ET

Convicted sex offender accused of assault – and domestic violence after he allegedly attacked his wife and another man in a bar Sunday night – this as Delta County authorities do not want you to know which people are charged with domestic assault


By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Escanaba, MI) – While the Delta County Sheriff and Prosecutor continue protecting the identities of those who beat women, U.P. Breaking News keeps getting information from behind their Iron Curtain – as a convicted sex offender has been released on bond after allegedly brutal attack on his wife and another man in a Ford River Bar on Sunday night.

43-year-old Richard Dale Stannard was booked into the Delta County Detention Center late Sunday, April 29, 2018 and released on bond just over an hour later.

Richard Dale Stannard - mugshot 2

Stannard was convicted on May 17, 1996 of criminal sexual conduct (CSC) – assault with intent to commit sexual penetration in Delta County 47th District Court.

U.P. Breaking News has found a video of the altercation involving three people – Richard Stannard is shown allegedly beating up Brent Papineau Jr.

Richard Stannard is allegedly shown throwing his wife Nicki Stannard. We have tried to upload the video but so far have not been able to do it.

He apparently has had addresses in Escanaba and Ford River.

Richard Lee Stannard 1

Richard Lee Stannard, with his wife cropped out

Stannard’s sex offender registration states he currently lives at 3774 L.15 Lane in Escanaba.

The Delta County Prosecutor and Sheriff recently decided to protect those charged with all violence because U.P. Breaking News pointed out they have given sweetheart deals to men who beat and terrorize women.

They are releasing the photos and names of people booked, but no longer showing what criminal charges had been filed.

U.P. Breaking News believes that the U.P. domestic violence epidemic will continue if the suspects are allowed to hide in the shadows of the egos of electrocuted officials – as women are beaten every night across the U.P.

We have heard every excuse in the book for not identifying those who commit these horrendous crimes.

The exact charges against Stannard are not known because Delta County is hiding that information. Our sources tipped us off to this case.
Stannard is said to be charged with assault and battery, and domestic violence

U.P. Breaking News has read numerous online comments about this case – some demonizing Stannard fearing what will happen next – and others who have strongly defended him.

Many residents spoke out about their concern for the couple’s child/children.

Some say the male victim – Brent Papineau Jr. – and Stannard’s wife do not deserve to get a beat down.

With some even blaming the victim for “pushing him too far.” That seems to be a common attitude amongst domestic violence cases – the falsehood that it is somehow the victim’s fault.

“I fear he may do worse, and there are kids in the home,” exclaimed one concerned citizen who knows the couple. Some stated that Stannard has the money to buy himself out of past beating incidents.

“The fact that he is a rich guy scares the hell out of me – if he can throw around his own wife like that,” stated one of several sources.

Stannard has the aliases of Rocky Stannard, and Rocky Dale Stannard.

As U.P. Breaking News closes down today, we hope our effort to show light on domestic violence will help even one woman from being beaten. We will reopen once we can afford our expenses of $250 per month.

I have spent thousands to bring you the information on brutality in U.P. counties and tribal nations therein. We hope U.P. residents who live in the Iron Curtain counties of news blackouts – will remember this when they go to the polls to vote for sheriff and prosecutor.

If you would like to help us get restarted call 905-273-2433.

Thank you and I pray for all the woman who will be beaten this weekend and do not know it yet.

3 thoughts on “Videotape emerges – as Delta County tries to stop you from knowing – of an assault and domestic violence melee that happen Sunday night in a Ford River Bar – and a convicted sex offender has been arrested

  1. I am a retired leo and my former department had a specialized unit that only dealt with domestic violence.
    The issue of domestic violence is taken very seriously and the newspapers loved printing printing the names of the offenders


    • I understand what you are saying but the papers in the U.P. do a pitiful jobs n courts – I know cause I used to work at MJ – and its an afterthought. Plus there is no excuse for the delta sheriff not to release the charges when they post the mugs and name – like they did until three weeks ago or so.
      It is because they do not want people to know the sweet deals given offenders – or because they are thin skinned we exposed that. They have never been criticized by gutless U.P. media who are little tiny cute lapdogs.


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