Heart-wrenching audio from today’s May Day 2018 fatal crash that claimed one person’s life – and injured a Marquette Police Officer

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 5-1-18 – 9:31 p.m. ET

**Warning the first time you listen to this audio it may shock you – so people who are easily upset should avoid the audio/video

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

This is the police audio of the terrible crash that killed one person and injured Marquette Police Officer Jackie Sweeney.

The head-on crash happened just after 4 p.m. ET, Tues., May 1, 2018.
On the audio, you will hear dispatchers, firefighters, EMS and the officer tell a dispatcher that she needed help

Sgt. Jacqueline “Jackie” Elaine Sweeney
Marquette PD unit 5974
“Help me… Central I need EMS,” the officer said. “I am starting to get in a little bit of shock here.”
“This is a head-on collision,” said the female officer who arrived on the scene first (Not 100 percent positive with strained voices so could be the Sgt.).
Sgt. Jackie Sweeney survives crash, while somber for the victim.

Terrible crash (2)

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Did sod on the road cause terrible wreck?: A fatal accident has closed M-553 in Marquette, MI and involves a Marquette Police officer on routine patrol who is doing generally OK

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 5-1-18 – 5:08  p.m. ET – 

Marquette Police officer has been involved in an fatal accident with other vehicle – female officer taken to hospital in shock

Terrible crash


By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette, MI) – A Marquette Police officer has been involved in fatal accident near the ski hill that has closed M-553 in the city limits.
The female officer radioed the dispatcher that she was in bad shock while generally OK she likely has injuries. She has been rushed to U.P. Health System-Marquette.


There are reports that a huge amount of sod was on the roadway and may have contributed to the wreck.

The officer’s name is Sgt. Jacqueline “Jackie” Elaine Sweeney – who survived the crash.
She is 45 years old and recently was involved in the nomination of officers for a lifesaving award.

The crash was reported about 4:09 p.m. ET this afternoon, Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

The crash is on M-553 in the curves near the Marquette Mountain ski hill.
At least one other person is pinned in a second vehicle.


It apparently was a head-on collision.
The Marquette Fire Department extrication team was called to the scene.
Numerous police agencies are blocking traffic on all ends of M-553 including at Division Street.
Off-duty Marquette Fire firefighters have been called in to man the stations because the on-duty firefighters are on the scene.
The road will be closed for many hours.

The Marquette Police department said this about Sweeney when she was promoted to Sargent in May 2016:
A graduate of Lake Superior State University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice-law enforcement, Jackie Sweeney was recently promoted to patrol sergeant. Sweeney joined the department in 1995, and is an assistant Law Enforcement Information Network terminal agency coordinator and is in charge of the city’s bike patrol. Sweeney worked with the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office prior to coming to MCPD.

Videotape emerges – as Delta County tries to stop you from knowing – of an assault and domestic violence melee that happen Sunday night in a Ford River Bar – and a convicted sex offender has been arrested

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 5-1-18 – 1 p.m. ET

Convicted sex offender accused of assault – and domestic violence after he allegedly attacked his wife and another man in a bar Sunday night – this as Delta County authorities do not want you to know which people are charged with domestic assault


By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Escanaba, MI) – While the Delta County Sheriff and Prosecutor continue protecting the identities of those who beat women, U.P. Breaking News keeps getting information from behind their Iron Curtain – as a convicted sex offender has been released on bond after allegedly brutal attack on his wife and another man in a Ford River Bar on Sunday night.

43-year-old Richard Dale Stannard was booked into the Delta County Detention Center late Sunday, April 29, 2018 and released on bond just over an hour later.

Richard Dale Stannard - mugshot 2

Stannard was convicted on May 17, 1996 of criminal sexual conduct (CSC) – assault with intent to commit sexual penetration in Delta County 47th District Court.

U.P. Breaking News has found a video of the altercation involving three people – Richard Stannard is shown allegedly beating up Brent Papineau Jr.

Richard Stannard is allegedly shown throwing his wife Nicki Stannard. We have tried to upload the video but so far have not been able to do it.

He apparently has had addresses in Escanaba and Ford River.

Richard Lee Stannard 1

Richard Lee Stannard, with his wife cropped out

Stannard’s sex offender registration states he currently lives at 3774 L.15 Lane in Escanaba.

The Delta County Prosecutor and Sheriff recently decided to protect those charged with all violence because U.P. Breaking News pointed out they have given sweetheart deals to men who beat and terrorize women.

They are releasing the photos and names of people booked, but no longer showing what criminal charges had been filed.

U.P. Breaking News believes that the U.P. domestic violence epidemic will continue if the suspects are allowed to hide in the shadows of the egos of electrocuted officials – as women are beaten every night across the U.P.

We have heard every excuse in the book for not identifying those who commit these horrendous crimes.

The exact charges against Stannard are not known because Delta County is hiding that information. Our sources tipped us off to this case.
Stannard is said to be charged with assault and battery, and domestic violence

U.P. Breaking News has read numerous online comments about this case – some demonizing Stannard fearing what will happen next – and others who have strongly defended him.

Many residents spoke out about their concern for the couple’s child/children.

Some say the male victim – Brent Papineau Jr. – and Stannard’s wife do not deserve to get a beat down.

With some even blaming the victim for “pushing him too far.” That seems to be a common attitude amongst domestic violence cases – the falsehood that it is somehow the victim’s fault.

“I fear he may do worse, and there are kids in the home,” exclaimed one concerned citizen who knows the couple. Some stated that Stannard has the money to buy himself out of past beating incidents.

“The fact that he is a rich guy scares the hell out of me – if he can throw around his own wife like that,” stated one of several sources.

Stannard has the aliases of Rocky Stannard, and Rocky Dale Stannard.

As U.P. Breaking News closes down today, we hope our effort to show light on domestic violence will help even one woman from being beaten. We will reopen once we can afford our expenses of $250 per month.

I have spent thousands to bring you the information on brutality in U.P. counties and tribal nations therein. We hope U.P. residents who live in the Iron Curtain counties of news blackouts – will remember this when they go to the polls to vote for sheriff and prosecutor.

If you would like to help us get restarted call 905-273-2433.

Thank you and I pray for all the woman who will be beaten this weekend and do not know it yet.

Three Upper Peninsula residents jailed after drug busts in Marquette County and downstate – charges include meth – and two arrested for assault in Marquette County

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 5-1-18 – 6:46 a.m. ET – 

Two drug arrests in Marquette County plus Soo woman jailed on meth charges in downstate West Branch, MI; plus two people have been released on bond after being charged in separate assault cases

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette/Soo, MI) – Two U.P. residents are being held on crystal methamphetamine charges, while a Marquette, MI man was arrested in a case involving state drug agents.

Meanwhile two others have been arrested in Marquette County on assault charges – one involving an attack on a cop and the other a domestic incident.


Andrew Pentacost

Andrew Steven Pentecost

29-year-old Andrew Steven Pentecost of Marquette, MI – but described by police as a Wisconsin resident – was booked into the Marquette County Jail late Monday, April 30, 2018.

The drug charges filed against Pentecost are not yet known.

However, Pentecost was arrested in Marquette County after police discovered a controlled substance in a case involving the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement team (UPSET).

“He’ll have to be strip searched per upset,” an officer transporting him radioed to deputies in the Marquette County Jail.

Pentecost has online addresses listed online on Dandelion Lane in Marquette; plus De Pere, WI.

On his Facebook page, Pentecost say he lives in Milwaukee, is a Marquette native and attended NMU.


Jesslyn Marie Field

Jesslyn Marie Field

Meanwhile – A Marquette woman was booked into the MCJ early today, Tuesday, May 1, 2018 on a meth charge.

19-year-old Jesslyn Marie Field of Marquette was charged with possession of meth after traffic stop.

Details of the case are not known.

And Chippewa County woman is jailed in Ogemaw County this morning on two meth charges.


Michelle Lynn McCarrick

38-year-old Michelle Lynn McCarrick of Sault Ste. Marie, MI is being held in the Ogemaw County Jail in downstate West Branch, MI.

McCarrick is reportedly charged with two felony counts of a felony controlled substance violation involving methamphetamine.

Little is known about her arrest – other than involved being stopped by police.

McCarrick was lodged in the Chippewa County Jail and then “transferred” to an “unknown” facility, according to the online victim services site Vinelink.

She has also been known as Michelle L. Lamoreaux and Michelle Wood


There were also two assault suspects booked into the MCJ.


Andrew Freeman

Andrew James Freeman

21-year-old Andrew James Freeman of Ishpeming, MI was booked into the MCJ on Sunday night and released on a $5,000 bond on Monday afternoon.

Freeman is charged with domestic assault.


Margaret Hardwick

Margaret Hardwick

45-year-old Margaret Sue Hardwick was booked into the MCJ Monday afternoon and released on personal recognizance bond.

Harwick is charged with assault on a police officer. Details of the case are not known.

She has also been known by Margaret S. Smith, Margaret Sue Deverney.

Hardwick has prior addresses listed in Wilson and Manistee, MI; Milwaukee, WI; and Winter Park, FL.

Blaze in Carbondale log home shoots flames into the sky in Menominee County, closes U.S.-41; and there were numerous structure and wildfires reported across the U.P. Monday for the third day in a row

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 5-1-18 – 6:26 a.m. ET – 5:26 CT

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta


Wildfires burn structures and more as firefighters across the U.P. were kept busy Monday for the third day in a row

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta


U.P. Wildfire conditions promise to be extremely dangerous again today

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Carbondale, MI) – A huge log home blaze caused U.S.-41 in to be closed in Menominee County Monday night as it shot flames over 40 feet into the air.
U.S.-41 was closed for about three hours because of the blaze.

The fire happened just before 5 p.m. CT on U.S.-41 in the community of Carbondale.
The blaze was located near County Road 338.


The house was a complete loss and was one of several structures fires reported today and over the weekend as wildfires ran amuck including a 15 acre fire that destroyed three structures including a mobile home.

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta

The owner of the home managed to escape without injury. No injuries reported.

The beautiful log home is nestled on a hill just off the highway – and would be the dream home for any Yooper.

Those assisting on the scene or fighting the fire were the Menominee County Sheriffs Department, the Menominee-Ingalls Townships Volunteer Fire Department, Mid County Rescue and the Stephenson Volunteer Fire Department.

Plus two fire departments from Marinette County, WI were called in for mutual aid: the town of Wagner Fire Department and the Wausaukee Fire Department.

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta

Photo by Bryce J. Ranta


The photos are courtesy of Bryce J. Ranta

Other fires we reported on Monday:

Things are getting crazy at the wildfire that has burned three structures in Wells Township in south Marquette County.
Now an assault has been reported at the destroyed trailer and wildfire located at 5181 County Road SAI in Wells Township, MI
Its a neighbor on neighbor assault complaint.
The owner of the trailer is accursed of assaulting a neighbor who tried to help put out the fire – remember tho, that is just one side of story.
Two barn-like out-building structures were also destroyed.
The wildfire burns about 14 acres.
The fire rekindled late Monday night and was easily put out.


URGENT URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-30-18 – 1 p.m. ET – Numerous reported wildfires in the U.P. in the last 10 minutes. Local officials in Delta County requesting DNR launch all pilots.
Smoke reported near Boney Falls Dam at unknown location toward CR 426 in Cornell, MI
In addition, in Wells Township located in Marquette County – a wildfire and (possible house fire, but officials unsure) is reported in a remote area County Road SI – Forsyth Township Volunteer Fire Department and EMS responding. Heavy smoke seen in five miles away. In what may be the same fire – a wildfire is reported on/near 5181 County Road SAI in Wells Township in the Watson/Arnold area.
Trailer fire – hardwoods – two small barn structures on fire-Department

A dramatic looking brush fire in Chocolay Township also caused concerns on Acorn Lane near the casino – however it was quickly put out.

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin and Traffic Advisory – 4-30-18 – 10:04 p.m. CT -11:04 p.m. ET – Large vehicle fire M-95 in Dickinson County near Marquette County Line.
Sagola Township Fire Department responding.
Tires exploding – fire spreading into woods.
Vehicle is fully engulfed on a trailer – Northbound lane being shut down – tires exploding.
Also a dead deer in the way.

Found Safe and Sound: Hikers in distress launches search in Marquette County along the North Country Trail

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-30-18 – 4:46 p.m.

The hikers have been found and are safe and doing good.

3:44 p.m. ET

Turned around hikers told to stay put, rescuers on the way

North Country Trail graphic

Two hikers did smart thing with cell phones dying – they called 911 in Marquette County

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette County, MI) – A search is underway for two lost hikers off the North Country Trail along County Road 550.

Marquette County Central Dispatch sent out a page for a search party at about 2:50 p.m. ET this afternoon, Mon. April 30, 2018.

Its a beautiful day in the 70’s – and many people are venturing out after a long winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Paged into duty was the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department Special Operations Unit.

Rescuers are being sent to the North Country Trail Head on County Road 550 Harlow Lake “regarding two missing hikers.”

The two females apparently got turned around while on the North Country Trail even crossing some kind of wires or fence. With their cellphones about half way to dying, they called 911.

They are following official instructions and staying put – rather than wandering. A smart move.



Charges filed in meth explosion at camp in Wells Township, Michigan: One of the suspects – James Mallon – was arrested this morning

URGENT URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-30-18 – 12:12 p.m. ET – 

Charges filed against burn victim and alleged meth maker James Mallon of Little Lake

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette, MI) – A Little Lake man severely burned along with his with his wife in a alleged meth explosion at a camp was arrested this morning on numerous charges of “dangerous drugs.”

36-year-old James David Mallon arrested just before 10 a.m. this morning, Mon., April 30, 2018 on a five-count felony warrant issued by the Michigan State Police Negaunee Post.

The charges against Mallon include operating and maintaining a meth lab, possession of methamphetamine, second-degree home invasion and vehicle theft/unlawfully driving away an automobile.

Mallon was released from the hospital, and whether his wife is still hospitalized is not known. Mallon and his wife Danica were seriously burned on Thursday, January 18, 2018.

The two methamphetamine suspects were critically burned in mid-January 2018 while allegedly cooking the drug at a camp in Wells Township – and then drove themselves to a Gwinn apartment to seek help.

A $250,000 bond for Mallon is set for all five counts.

The camp that burned is located at 58820 County Road 426 in Wells Township, MI.
The meth suspects then showed up on the doorstep of a man’s apartment at 25 N. Pearce Street in Gwinn. The stove at the camp apparently exploded while the injured couple were allegedly cooking meth.

James Mallon and his wife 40-year old Danica Lynn Mallon were also arrested in early December (month before the explosion) following an UPSET meth raid at their home in Little Lake, MI.

They were treated at U.P. Health System-Marquette and due to the massive burns were flown to the University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor for treatment.

Mallon and his friends and family have attacked U.P. Breaking News as we were the only media with guts to report meth was involved in the explosion. Mallon blamed explosion a stove defect.
For more background on the Mallon family and their recent troubles with the law:


Alleged drunk driver hits Marquette cop car twice while at fast food drive thru – plus an NMU soccer player is among those charged with violence this weekend in Marquette County – and the latest drug and other busts

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-29-18 – 10:22 p.m. ET – 

Cops car hit by alleged drunken driver in a McDonald’s drive thru; soccer player charged with assault – and many others are charged with domestic violence, plus drug arrests

We’d love to tell you about charges/arrests in the other U.P. counties but the sheriff and prosecutors do not want you to know – so it is not released on Mobile Patrol

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette, MI) – A Marquette Police officer seemed bemused when a large pickup truck bumped his patrol car twice early Saturday morning at the Marquette McDonald’s.
The incident happened about 3:30 a.m. ET on Saturday morning, April 28, 2018 – as both the cops and the suspect were in line at the drive thru to get their fast food meal.

“We’re gonna be in the McDonald’s Drive Thru … they ran into the back of our car twice,” the Marquette Police officer radioed to dispatchers at Marquette County 911 Central Dispatch.

Jerry Boyer

Using a police code, the officer also stated he suspected they were struck twice by a dunk driver.
“OK, clear,” answered the dispatcher with a chuckle.

Likely cops across the area were laughing when they heard the unexpected incident.

Arrested was 22-year-old Jerry Nelson Boyer of Skandia, MI.

He was given a portable breath test but the results are not known.

Boyer was driving a black ford pickup truck – that got towed.

Boyer was suspected of drunken driving and no insurance. However the exact charges were never posted on Mobile Patrol.

He was released on bond.

The boss at police headquarters asked the officer over the radio about damage to his patrol car.

“A little scratch on the bumper, but nothing crazy,” the officer radioed Marquette Police Headquarters


A Northern Michigan University soccer player was among those arrested on violence related charges in Marquette County this weekend – plus the latest drug arrests.

20-year-old Edgar Rene Astorga of Marquette, MI was booked into the MCJ on Saturday afternoon.
Astorga is charged with assault and battery.
Astorga was released on a $2,500 bond.
Astorga is an athlete at Northern Michigan University who is sophomore majoring in communications
Astorga is a soccer standout from Chicago and is a member of the NMU Men’s Soccer Team.

Edgar Astorga at NMU soccer 2
NMU posted this about Astorga:
2017: Appeared in 18 games, making 15 starts including the first of his career in the season opener on August 31 versus Indianapolis. Astorga’s lone goal of the season came as the game-winner on September 10 versus Marygrove, while he also added a pair of assists on the season. Named to the GLIAC All-Academic Team.
2016: Finished the season in a three-way tie for fourth on the team with five points (2g-1a). Named the GLIAC Offensive Player of the Week on Sept. 27 after leading the Wildcats to wins over No. 12 Tiffin and Findlay; he netted the game-winning goal in both games and also notched an assist.


Adam Tousignant35-year-old Adam Lee Tousignant of Negaunee, MI was booked into the MCJ late Saturday morning on numerous charges.

Tousignant is charged with using a phone for malicious/threatening purposes, possession of a Schedule I, II, III narcotic, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs (OUID), and a jail prisoner possessing contraband.

Bond for Tousignant has not been set.

Tousignant arrested on Thurs., March 8, 2018 and charged with malicious use of a telephone to make threats.


30-year-old Paul Mitchell Tipton of Gwinn, MI was booked Friday night into the MCJ.
Tipton is charged with second-offense domestic violence/assault, expired license plates, nonpayment of child support and driving with a suspended/revoked license.
Tipton is being held without bond on the domestic assault charge.
In Dec 2015, Tipton, then 28, of 621 Liberator St. in Gwinn – was sentenced to the 26 days that he had served in jail for an Oct. 2015 domestic violence incident.
Tipton pleaded guilty to second offense domestic violence and put on 18 months probation and ordered to pay $1,845 in fines/costs


19-year-old Gerald William Herbst of Marquette, MI was booked into the MCJ on Friday morning.
Herbst is charged with domestic assault and contempt of court for bond violations issued by Marquette County District Court
Herbst is being held without bond.


42-year-old Mark Russell Anderson of (address unconfirmed) was booked into the MCJ Saturday evening and relesed on bond just afternoon Sunday.
Anderson is charged with domestic assault.
Bond for Anderson was set at $5,000.

If you have a photo of Mr. Anderson, please contact us discretely on our news FB page


Mike Lyons

23-year-old Michael Thomas Lyons of Negaunee, MI was booked into the Marquette County Jail late Saturday night, March 28, 2018.
Lyons is charged with domestic assault, illegal entry and driving an unregistered ORV.
Bond for Lyons is set just over $3,200.


Nakeesha Briggs 235-year-old Nakeesha Sharee Briggs of Marquette, MI was booked into the MCJ late Friday night.
Briggs is charged with possession of a Schedule I, II, III narcotic.
Bond for Briggs has not been set.
In Sept. 2017, Briggs was arrested by UPSET and Marquette Police
Briggs was charged with possession of cocaine, four counts of child endangerment, weapons violation, and maintaining a drug house.
UPSET seized nearly 30 grams of cocaine, a firearm and evidence of drug distribution – this after investigation at a residence in the Sunnyside Estates mobile home park in Ishpeming Township.
Brigg’s four children were placed into protective custody with Michigan Child Protective Services.
Briggs was sentenced on March 9, 2018 to a year and a half in prison for possession of cocine.
It is unclear if she was beginning a jail sentence or busted on new charges. She was released on a suspended sentence last month and is listed as an MDOC Michigan probationer assigned to Marquette, MI.


Jack Alan Orhanen

Jack Alan Orhanen

Additional charges have been filed against 35-year-old Jack Alan Orhanen of Marquette, MI was booked into the MCJ early Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Orhanen is charged with felony third offense impaired drunken driving.

He is also charged with resisting arrest/obstructing a police officer, fourth degree fleeing and eluding, and joyriding/unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

A bond has not been set for Orhanen.


41-year-old Robert Allan Wade of Ishpeming, MI was booked into the MCJ Friday night.
Wade is charged with resisting arrest/obstructing a police officer.
Wade has previous addresses in Gwinn and Palmer.
Bond for Wade has not been set.


26-year-old Jamie Steven Corkin of Marquette, MI was booked into the MCJ Friday evening.
Corkin is charged with resisting arrest/obstructing a police officer.
Bond for Corkin has not been set.
In Nov. 2015, Corkin, then 24 years old, of Ishpeming, MI pleaded guilty to the four-year felony larceny in a building involving an incident in Ishpeming.


23-year-old Austin John Pierce of Marquette, MI was booked into the MCJ Friday morning.
Pierce is charged with illegal entry.
Pierce was released on a $2,500 bond.


Other arrests:
Vanessa Lee Green, 34, larceny between $200 and $1,000.
Wenona Kayan Hemmila, 39, second offense operating a motor vehicle while impaired (OWI)


Meth raises it ugly head on a Sunday – meth raid south of Hurley, WI sends man to Ironwood hospital – and meth components found abounded along highway in Marquette County

URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-29-18 – 5:17 p.m. ET

Meth Mess: Methamphetamine Components littered in Marquette County; Hurley, WI man hospitalized in Ironwood after meth lab raid

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette, MI) – A Wisconsin man was taken to an Ironwood, MI hospital after an apparent meth lab bust at his home south of Hurley, WI – plus meth components found in Marquette County near Skandia, MI.

About 8:30 a.m. Central Time, police requested an ambulance at 7924N Pleasant Lake Road for a man having a panic attack following an apparent meth lab bust.

The 39-year-old man with a history of stroke was taken from the scene to the Aspirus Grand View Ironwood Hospital

An officer one the scene requested a K-9 unit due to a meth lab. The officer said he needed to know if another agency “whether they have a dog that is able to assist or not.”

“Can you send me a picture of the suspected lad,” an officer asked another who was scrambling his communication – often a technique used by the Gogebic Iron Area Narcotics Team (GIANT) during drug raids.

“Is there any liquid in it,” the officer asked.
Meanwhile in Marquette County, the discovery of meth components Sunday afternoon led to the notification of the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (UPSET).

The incident was reported about 1:20 p.m. ET today, Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Michigan State Police from the Negaunee Post were sent to near the intersection of U.S. 41 and Kunde Road in Skandia, MI.

Kunde Road is also known as County Road TA.

“We do have meth components here,” radioed a Michigan State Police trooper to Marquette County Central Dispatch.

“Its on the east side of the roadway about 150 feet south of the Chocolay Township line,” the trooper  said.


Missing since Nov. 2017: Body of Duane E. Kangas discovered Sunday afternoon in Houghton Canal

URGENT URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-30-18

The body found the Portage Canal on Sunday in Houghton, MI is the Hancock man missing since November – Duane E. Kangas.

No word yet on whether foul play is suspected. An autopsy is planned.

Help Find Duane Kangas 4Help Find Duane Kangas 3Help Find Duane Kangas 2Help Find Duane Kangas 1

4-29-18 – 4:25 p.m. ET

Officials investigate body recovered from Houghton canal on Sunday afternoon

Canal body graphic

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Houghton, MI) – Officials are investigating the discovery of a body this afternoon in the Houghton Canal.
The U.S. Coast Guard and Houghton Police are among those who are on the scene.
Officers were dispatcher Sunday afternoon to a body reported in the Houghton canal.

Officer were sent to 11834 Canal Road.

Houghton County 911 received a 911 call “for a suspicious object in the Canal possibly a body,” the dispatcher told responding offiers.

The incident was reported about 3:25 p.m. ET today, Sunday, April 29, 2018 – near the Chutes and Ladders Park and Playground in Houghton.

The body was apparently found along the Houghton Canal Road.

The Houghton County medical examiner has been called to the scene.
U.P. Breaking News is withholding some information as officials attempt to identify the body.

While officials requested U.S. Coast Guard Station Portage it is not clear if they had to deploy and boats as body was quickly recovered.

It is unclear if foul play is suspected.

Canal body map 1