Talking Trash: The search for the Trashman of Gogebic County:

U.P. Breaking News Talking Trash News Bulletin – 4-28-18 – 5:15 a.m. CT – 6:15 a.m. ET

One man’s trash, is a deputy sheriff’s nightmare: “I will be more than willing to look through it,” the Gogebic County sheriff’s deputy said – something stinks right here in Ironwood City

Trash graphic

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Ironwood Township, MI) – The search is on for the Trashman of Gogebic County.

A intrepid Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department deputy  went above and beyond the call of duty Friday morning – digging thru a large pile of trash that someone dumped along an Ironwood Township roadway.

A lot” and “large” are a subjective phrases and we do not have the exact poundage/tonnage.

The case began about 10:30 a.m. Central Time on Friday morning, April 27, 2018 when Ironwood Township Supervisor Steve Boyd called Gogebic County 911. Boyd reported that a large amount of trash had been dumped near the intersection of Junet Road and Woodcliff Road in Ironwood Township, MI.

Trash map

“Just got a call from the Township Supervisor – apparently somebody dumped a large amount of garbage on the side of the road near that intersection,” said the Gogebic County 911 dispatcher over the radio to the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Deputy.

“He’d like someone to take a look to see if” a suspect could be identified by combing through the trash.

The township supervisor hoped the officer “can determine where it came from.” the dispatcher stated.

The officer asked the dispatcher to please call township back “ask them if they are willing to come out here and help pick it up.”

Then a small clue on how much – as the cop really stresses these next words:

There is A LOT,” the deputy said with exasperation and frustration in his voice.

The dispatcher reported the township would send out a truck and an employee to clean up the mess. However, it was hoped the deputy would find clues to the identity of the culprit.

“They just didn’t want to do that prior to you looking at it – Someone from the township should be there shortly,” the dispatcher radioed the Gogebic County deputy sheriff.

“OK, I will be more than willing to look through it but I would rather have them here, said the deputy.

We do not know if enough putrid clues could be found to discover the Trashman of Gogebic County (to be fair could be Trashwoman) was found – or has the law yet to point the stinky finger toward someone.

“OK, I will be more than willing to look through it,” said the deputy with the Gogebic County Sherriff’s Department.

It is also not known if it was intentional (like a protest or mega litterer) – or an accident – tho we do know the person did not admit their smelly deed and fled the scene.

Gogebic County is one of the information vacuums – one of the dark U.P. counties that doesn’t follow the law and refuses to release arrest information unless they deem you should known.

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