U.P. Breaking News Headlines – 10 U.P. Stories Include: Two-year-old girl falls seven feet in Mackinac County, theft at the Marquette Mom Prom?(or false alarm), mysterious rare Saturday hearing held inside Chippewa County Courthouse, Inmate hurt in showers in Gogebic County – Marquette shoplifters busted, and a stolen car from Ironwood.

URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin and Headlines – 4-21-18 – 5:25 p.m. ET

U.P. Weekend Headlines: Toddler falls seven feet in Mackinac County, rare special hearing on Saturday is a mystery and kept from the public in Chippewa County, too drunk to float on a U.P. Eastern Island an afternoon car theft in Ironwood, and an inmate injured today in the Gogebic County jail showers – plus Marquette shoplifters busted and more

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By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

Its been a busy for police and other emergency folks this weekend – we’ve already done full stories on a police chase with juveniles in Gladstone, a missing snowmobiler found in Chippewa County.
However there was a lot more happening on Saturday – here are about 10 headline stories:


Engadine toddler graphic

Anyone who has had kids knows that two year olds are acrobats that will climb anything and everything – however sometimes that innate adventuresome fun turns into a serious injury.

Parents in Garfield Township called for an ambulance late this morning, Saturday, April 21, 2018 – after their toddler took a bad fall.

Two-year-old female “who fell off of an approximately seven-foot ladder,” the dispatcher told the paramedics/EMTs.

It happened at a residence on Sandtown Road in Engadine, MI.

“She is bleeding from the ear,” the dispatcher said. The victim is “a two-year-old female who fell off a ladder – they believe it may be a seven-foot fall.”

That is the last word we have on the incident, however presumably the girl was taken to the Straits Area Hospital. Her condition is not known.


There was a strange theft call last night at the “Mom Prom” fundraiser held at the U.P. Masonic Center about 11:30p.m. ET last night Friday. Two Marquette Police Department units were sent to investigate the theft of a purse.
No word on the theft was confirmed or the purse was misplaced and then found
This year the annual fundraiser for a family-in-need was held to benefit the family of 8-year-old William Chittle of Negaunee, who has three rare medical conditions.
The fun attire includes old prom dresses, bridesmaids gowns, or anything that resembles or gives the feeling of being a princess.


A rare and mysterious “special hearing” was held this morning at the Chippewa County Courthouse.
A Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department deputy was told he was needed back at the office to attend the special hearing at 10 a.m. ET on Sat., April 21, 2018.
Judges never come in on Saturday without a very good reason – so it had to be something significant and unexpected.
Scanner listeners said they heard police say the grandfather of the children was requesting to be allowed in the hearing.
No Star Chamber, but interesting nonetheless.


Two shoplifters were busted about 3 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon at the Shopko in Marquette, MI.
They were “cooperative” with the store’s retail fraud squad.


At least 3 Michigan state prison inmates were taken by ambulance on Friday night for medical reasons including a seizure and chest pains – at the Baraga Max Prison and the Chippewa Regional Correctional Facility.
Then on Saturday morning, a Gogebic County Jail inmate reportedly had a seizure and received a head injury in the jail showers.
The inmate, in his 20s, suffered a head injury – and while paramedics were told the inmate bled – one radioed doctor about the scene in the jail located in Bessemer, MI.
The blood “must have been wiped off” before the ambulance arrive, a paramedic radioed medical control at the Aspirus Grand View Ironwood Hospital.
The Gogebic County inmate “hit his head on something” and was “flopping on the floor a bit” in the showers resembling a seizure, the paramedic told doctors.


Wound tight after this winter: Marquette cops were called Saturday afternoon to a report of youths blocking the sidewalk on the 400 Block of North Fourth Street – by putting up a tightrope

To drunk to float?
A ferry operator at one of the eastern U.P. islands called 911 Saturday afternoon because one of the idling cars waiting to get on the ferry wasn’t moving – and neither was the gentleman inside.
He was alive but is suspected of being OUIL.


In Dickinson County and Houghton County planned brush burns got a bit too big on Saturday afternoon.
Firefighters in Sagola Township and Calumet Township (off Copper City Road) this afternoon for private brush burning that got out of control.


A U.P.-wide BOLO has been issued for a car stolen Saturday from an Ironwood, MI home just before 1 p.m. Central Time in Gogebic County
The vehicle is a red and black 2012 Mini Cooper with Texas tags: JNJ-7987


Maybe suffering from Spring Fever, four escapee horses got loose and had some fun in Houghton County on Saturday morning, but as rounded up by their owner in the Atlantic Mine area.


The Pickford EMS ambulance was basically totaled overnight – and had to limp back to its barn (station) – after hitting a deer. Be careful folks deer on the move in this nice weather – just like we are.


Speaking of warm weather – please beware of slip and fall accidents that are likely to happen on Saturday night (as they did Friday night) and Sunday morning (churchgoers beware). The melting snow refreezes to black ice everywhere.


UPBN Headlines Graphic

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