Two men arrested today for allegedly attacking others in U.P. domestic violence cases – One in Chippewa County and another in Marquette County – but U.P. officials keep arrest secrecy lid in place.

URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-19-18 – 9:40 a.m. ET

Authorities keep trying to hide DV info from you, however U.P. Breaking News reveals two arrests (out of many) for domestic violence and attacking several victims – Cops and prosecutors hate us revealing this to you


By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Upper Peninsula of Michigan) – Numerous violent domestic disputes have occurred in past 24 hours across the U.P. – however police and prosecutors are hiding information on the cases.

However, U.P. Breaking News has put together information on two of the cases – as we continue our no tolerance stories on domestic violence.

Sadly for your safety, its becoming harder to get that info, as all the U.P. sheriffs and prosecutors recently stopped giving information on DV arrests.

32-year-old Troy Allen Schwiderson of Brimley, MI is jailed in Chippewa County this morning in connection with the assault after he alleged beat up a woman.

About 1:22 a.m. ET this morning April 29-2018, law enforcement authorities in Chippewa County were called about a domestic assault in a room at the Mini Motel at 12190 W. Lakeshore Drive in Brimley, MI.

A woman called Chippewa County 911 to report the man allegedly “beat up (the caller’s) granddaughter” and another person.

“There is a ton of screaming in the background,” the dispatcher warned police cars en-route to the scene.

At about 1:29 a.m, police on the scene requested Bay Mills EMS for “assault” victim. Bay Mills Emergency Connection EMS Alpha One responded.

The victims were reportedly 22-year-old Dale Lehman Teeple, Jr. and female (Sierra) whose full name we are temporarily withholding, both of Bay Mills.

The victims were treated on the scene by Bay Mills paramedics/EMTs and neither were taken by ambulance to the hospital. However, officers investigating the case went to War Memorial Hospital – not sure why.

Meanwhile, there was also a domestic violence case reported this morning in Ishpeming, MI.
Early today, a Marquette County man was arrested in a domestic violence/assault investigation.
About 1:30 a.m ET this morning, April 19, 2018, police arrested 25-year-old Austin James Rivard of Ishpeming, MI.
The exact charges against Rivard are being hidden by police


Reference all Upper Peninsula arrests and suspects – corrupt U.P prosecutors and sheriff’s (all U.P. counties as of recently) have decided

The charges exact against the DV suspects are not 100 percent clear, as all U.P. sheriff’s and prosecutors have now stated no information will be released on jailed suspects unless they decide you have the right to know (while keeping others secret from public for political reasons) – including those locked up for rape, domestic abuse/assault and other violence.

They are also hiding recent arrests for embezzlement, theft, and a long list of other criminal incidents.

U.P. law enforcement pulled the plug on all mobile patrol information that showed arrests about two weeks ago.

U.P. prosecutors and sheriff’s apparently have deiced they are the self-appointed gatekeepers of all public information – which U.P. Breaking News thinks is horrendous for public safety – but they simply do not care.

2 thoughts on “Two men arrested today for allegedly attacking others in U.P. domestic violence cases – One in Chippewa County and another in Marquette County – but U.P. officials keep arrest secrecy lid in place.

  1. Greg, I know that you have been reporting repeatedly about the curtain that the police and prosecutors have drawn over the DV cases, and I applaud your persistence in getting as much information as possible. Thank you!

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  2. chippewa macknaw an luce countys want to be know as safe tourist areas ; It damages that squeeky safe appearance if the realitys of this area is public; the reality is that the crime rate here in our little cornor of the world rivles detroit an other large metro area per capita; drugs domestic violance assults theft all compare to detroit flint


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