Houghton airport scare late Tuesday night, woman claims to have gun as SkyWest flight is inbound; she never brandished a weapon and was arrested; taken for treatment at U.P. Health System-Portage

URGENT URGENT URGENT – 4-18-18 12:25 a.m. ET

The suspect was just transported to the U.P. Health System-Portage hospital for mental health treatment. 


4-17-19 – 11:58 p.m.

Police probe woman who claims she has gun at Houghton Airport, goes behind the SkyWest counter as SkyWest Flight arrives

airport graphic.jpg

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Houghton County Airport) – Police have converged on the Houghton County Airport after a woman claimed to have a gun as an incoming SkyWest flight arrived.

The suspect was taken into custody near the airport at about 11:47 p.m. ET Tuesday, night, April 17, 2018.
“We have her in custody,” said an officer.

She is a white female in her 20s, about 5 feet 4 inches tall, wearing a green jacket – and has since left the airport terminal. After she was taken into custody, officers blocked off a road where they were holding her. She will get mental health counseling.

Police asked airport employees not to allow passengers on an inbound SkyWest Airlines flight to depart the aircraft until the woman is located.

“It looks secure and we are going to get people off the flight now,” said another officer on the scene.
A 911 call was received from the airport about the woman who had stated she wanted to be arrested. She did flee the scene.

Airport graphic 2.jpg

The woman allegedly went behind the counter of SkyWest Airlines and allegedly tried to log on to their computer.
The woman was told she had not done anything yet to be arrested – and that’s when she stated she had a gun.

At some point, the suspect will be taken to get mental health counseling.

According to the airport website:
Houghton County Memorial Airport (CMX) As Michigan’s northernmost airport, Houghton County Memorial Airport (CMX), is located in Houghton County right in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula, just 4 miles from the cities of Houghton/Hancock and 7 miles from Calumet.

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