Alleged tire slashing, knife throwing incident in Escanaba results in arrest Tuesday of female teen; and Oshkosh, WI officials won’t extradite a man wanted for aggravated assault/domestic violence – as he hides out on both sides of border and was questioned today in Gogebic County

URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-17-18 –3:57 p.m. ET  2:57 p.m. CT –

Knife throwing, tire slashing probe in Escanaba leads to domestic violence charge against a Gladstone, MI woman; meanwhile man wanted for aggravated assault/domestic violence in Wisconsin hides out in western U.P. – and was questioned but not booked in Gogebic County today since Oshkosh officials do not want him that badly – another case of good riddance, someone else’s problem.

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Escanaba, MI) – A Delta County woman has been released on bond after her arrest for domestic violence today for allegedly slashing vehicle tires and throwing a knife, while in Gogebic County officers had to kick loose a Superior, WI man despite an outstanding warrant for aggravated assault and domestic violence by Oshkosh, WI officials – who do not seem to want him very badly.

Kassidy Seidl

Kassidy Jade Seidl

Police in Escanaba, MI were dispatched to an incident with a knife reported at a mobile home park located at 1401 N. 23rd Street, Lot 63 about just before 1 p.m. ET this afternoon, April 17, 2018.

18-year-old Kassidy Jade Seidle of Gladstone was charged with domestic violence/assault.

“The caller states that a Kassidy Seidle just slashed the tires on his friend’s car, the dispatcher told responding officers. “Apparently she slashed his tires with a knife and she (allegedly) threw it at him.”

The knife is “somewhere still on the property, but she doesn’t have it in hand,” the Delta County 911 Dispatcher told police headed to the mobile home. Its is not clear what instigated the alleged tire slashing.

Meanwhile in the western U.P., if they don’t want you bad – then you are safe even if warrants have been issued accusing you of a violent crime.

Aspinwall43-year-old Troy Michael Aspinwall of Superior, WI was questioned late this morning by police in Gogebic County and released – because his aggravated assault and domestic violence warrant was a “non-extraditable warrant” issued by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in Oshkosh, WI.

Another classic case of hiding out on two sides of the border including the western U.P. – while just out of reach of Oshkosh officials – who seem not to really want him back despite listinng him online in a wanted document with his photo.

Its unclear how officers in Gogebic County came upon the man.

The man has former residences listed in Wakefield, Ramsay, and Bessemer in Michigan; plus Castle Rock, CO.

The Gogebic County 911 dispatcher told off Unit Adam 26 that that the crime computer showed a warning for “violent tenancies” due to the aggravated assault and domestic violence charges.
His driver’s license was revoked in Wisconsin.

The man has four prior convictions for operating a motor vehicle while impaired (OWI).

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