Shocked U.P. deer wandering highways in large numbers – Beware today driving during the dark, dusk, and dawn: Strange deer behavior reported in western Upper Peninsula – and likely happening in other heavy snow areas as the white stuff is more like wet gooey cement

URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-16-18 – 5:19 a.m. ET – 4:19 a.m. CT

Strange deer behavior reported by snowplow drivers as blizzard brings deep, wet cement-like snow: Three-day snowstorm adds to concerned about already extremely stressed U.P. deer herd

Deer herd

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Upper Peninsula of Michigan) – As the epic Upper Peninsula blizzard enters its final day, snowplow drivers are reporting seeing deer that appeared distressed, confused and standing in the highway – due to the additional feet of dense, wet snow – that is making it difficult for deer to travel.

One snowplow driver this morning reported seeing abut 75 deer walking in “the middle” on one stretch of highway in the western U.P.

“I have never seen this many deer out here,” the snowplow driver said. “They do not know what to do” with all the snow.

Another snowplow driver teased the first and suggested he go get corn for the poor deer.
“We’d never keep up with all the deer out here,” said the driver who reported the deer.
The driver said in areas with no tire prints – he could see hundreds of deer tracks walking around the highway – as he approached areas that had not been plowed in a couple hours.
For three years, U.P. Breaking News has been reporting that the Upper Peninsula deer herd has been decimated to extremely low levels. There are less than 80,000 deer in the U.P. compared a U.P. herd of over 300,000 deer in the late 1980s and early 90s – then dropped to a more reasonable and healthy level of $200,000 to 250,000 deer.

But once the feller buncher and other mechanized harvesting techniques became a necessary tool to complete in U.P. logging – few tops of trees were left in the woods to help deer eat during severe winters. That’s when the herd started its great decline.

Then while cutting the Michigan DNR budget, the corrupt Snyder Administration and the governor’s cronies decided to greatly increase the number of annual deer hunting tags – and it was that over-hunting, terrible resource management, and pure greed all but wiped out the deer herd. Governor Snyder’s minions on the Michigan Natural Resources Commission were corrupt and greedy – and even were heard joking about the dwindling U.P. deer herd.

Effort to bring back the herd in recent years have had only modest successes – with no help from two strange, long winters with lots of freezing and thawing that turned a large snowpack snow to ice.

Even before this weekend’s storm, U.P. outdoors experts were worried for the deer herd – and now the U.P.-wide three-day blizzard – with snow that resembles thick, wet concrete – is making it hard for deer to walk. Many are with fawn and this will increase mortality.
So please watch for deer when you travel and be especially alert over the next few days.

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