No charges filed against NMU hockey forward: Police question NMU hockey player after shocking accusations by a female neighbor (and actually his “tenant”) – that was witnessed by others

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin: – 4-14-18 – 5:25 a.m. ET

No arrest: Marquette Police on Saturday morning were called to investigate allegations an NMU hockey player forced himself into a neighbor’s apartment and allegedly went a step further

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette, MI) – At last report no criminal charges were filed in connection with this morning’s alleged drunken incident involving a Northern Michigan University Hockey Player – who is also a landlord – and a female tenant who called police in a frightened panic after an alleged assault incident apparently witnessed by her roommates.

The call was dispatched about 2:23 a.m. ET this morning, Saturday April 14, 2018 to 250 W. Ridge Street, Apartment #1 in Marquette, MI.

Mitchel Slattery 2

A week before his birthday and two weeks after the end of the season, an NMU hockey star was questioned by Marquette Police this morning after a questionable incident involving his conduct – allegedly barging into a female’s apartment – and more.

Plus police were told that the hockey player was actually the landlord of the building – that has numerous apartments – and the “victim” is a tenant who lives in upstairs Apartment #1.

It is not clear if NMU Hockey has a moral turpitude agreement with its athletes.

“His name is Mitch Slattery – He lives in the apartment below – Apartment #2,” a Marquette County Central Dispatch 911 dispatcher radioed to Marquette Police Department officers responding in their police cars.

Slattery NMU website graphicSlattery is 21-year-old, 186-pound forward for the NMU Wildcats hockey team.

Victim Miranda Findlay “is advising that her landlord just forced himself into her apartment and then tried to force himself upon her in her room,” the dispatcher told two Marquette Police units rushing to the scene.

The suspect “entered without her permission, he is very intoxicated.”

That’s when her roommates came to her defense.

“She had to had him removed by her roommates,” the dispatcher said.

The alleged drunken incident involved lots of alcohol – and happened only a week before Slattery’s April 20 birthday – and about two weeks since the end of this year’s NMU college hockey season.

The reported victim is a 23-year-old graduate assistant who studies English at Northern Michigan University and works as a salon receptionist, according to her Facebook page. She attended high school in downstate Reese, MI.

It is not clear if Slattery plans to get in front of the story and apologize – or if innocent angrily deny the incident.

Its not clear if Slattery is the owner of the home (or his parents, NMU etc.) – that was recently taken off the housing market after being advertised as a good rental investment property.

Slattery Elite Hockey Prospects graphic

In May 2017, the Minnesota Magicians stated they were “excited to announce that forward Mitch Slattery has committed to play Division I hockey at Northern Michigan University of the Western Collegiate Hockey Conference (WCHA).”

BEFORE NMU: Attended Hill-Murray High School. Mr. Hockey award nominee 2014. A part of the Minnesota State High School all tournament 2013, All Midwest Division Team, North American Hockey League 2016-17.
PERSONAL: Son of Nancy and Mike Slattery. Brother to Jocie and Lexi Slattery who also play collegiate ice hockey.


The home has an estimated value that seems to differ sharply depending on which online realtor site you visit:

Investment Property in the City of Marquette. Main floor unit currently rented. Upper Unit has updated flooring. Both units are very spacious. Centrally located to NMU, MGH and downtown shopping. Large parking area. Home sits on corner lot. Some TLC needed.

Another online site:
Details: 8 Beds/2 Baths
2,366 square feet
Single Family House
Value: $77.1K
Residents: 54 residents

One thought on “No charges filed against NMU hockey forward: Police question NMU hockey player after shocking accusations by a female neighbor (and actually his “tenant”) – that was witnessed by others

  1. I believe the college should do something to this player even if it is after season. My daughter is one of his current tentNts and he has been nothing but a night mare for the last few months and this takes the cake. Please NMU take some kind of action against this young adult spoiled child so that he does not think that he can do anything he wishes to who ever he wishes. I am glad we as parents of one of the young ladies but a lock on her bedroom door. And he seems to think because his parents paid for the house and put it in his name so they do not have to pay out of state taxes he has the right to force himself into the girls rooms when ever he wants. So he stated to the young lady as he forced himself into her room. Just so it is clear the girls will now have a baseball bat in their rooms and I have told me daughter to swing first no questions asked. Protect herself


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