Busted today: Menominee Police return to same residence on domestic violence call, make arrest this time, and are a couple we featured in our story on people with outstanding warrants around the country hiding in the U.P.

URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-14-18 – 9:55 p.m. ET

Menominee Domestic Violence call leads to Saturday arrest of man we featured in a story Friday about people with outstanding warrants from around the U.S. – who are safe from extradition in the U.P.

Joseph Roy Feltus

Joseph Roy Feltus


By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Menominee, MI) – We have an update tonight on one of the men we mentioned in our “armed and dangerous” and “hiding in the U.P.” story about people wanted in other states that are glad the wanted person is in Michigan

One of our examples is jailed tonight in Menominee County, MI.

There was another domestic violence report and arrest this morning Sat., April 14, 2018 at that same home in Menominee, MI as yesterday.

Today Menominee Police answered yet another domestic dispute call at 1517 46th Avenue – and one half of the dispute went to jail this time.

In our article on people living in the U.P. with warrants from other states – we told you about the occupants of the home 53-year-old Joseph Roy Feltus and his 40-year-old wife, Laura Susan Feltus.
It is unclear what Feltus allegedly did to his wife today, however a dispatcher told responding officers that she allegedly bit him.

Feltus was one of several examples we gave in a story yesterday (Friday) about people living in the U.P. who have serious warrants in other states – but many states do not extradite from the U.P.

In fact, many warrants issued by U.P. counties only have a pickup radius of surrounding counties – its about law enforcement under-staffing, few officers actually on the road daily, and costs of driving – for example of sending Houghton officer to Mackinac County (and roundtrip back to home jail with prisoner) etc.

The Friday NCIC check revealed Feltus has a computer warning from Colorado authorities with an “officer safety caution” and declaring the Feltus is considered “armed and dangerous” out west.

Joe Feltus was arrested today, Saturday, April 14, 2018 on a domestic violence related allegation and booked into the Menominee County Jail. His wife was not arrested.

Joseph Roy Feltus has a lengthy criminal history – and while wanted – is safe if he stays in U.P.

Menominee officers investigating the case Friday reported that the couple were separated, argument was over, and no charges will be filed.

Feltus has a warrant out west for felon in possession of a weapon (Felon Carrying Concealed Weapon – CCW) in Oregon.

Oregon cops put a warning on the warrant alleging that Feltus is “armed and dangerous” – yet they really don’t want him – its a non-extraditable warrant. Simply put, other states are thrilled that the wanted person is in the U.P. – making that person Michigan’s problem if additional crimes are committed.

He has been convicted of crimes – including battery – in the states of Oregon, Florida and Georgia: Battery touch or strike (battery), criminal mischief, out-of-county warrant, misdemeanor probation, Failure to appear warrant, fugitive other jurisdiction warrant

Feltus has long history of arrests in Mesa County, CO; Clifton, CO and Cedar Edge, CO; Brevard County, FL; Melbourne, FL; and St. Johns County, FL.
He has past addresses in those states and in Phoenix, Arizona.
Feltus aliases: Joe Roy Feltus, Joe Feltus.

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