Two more DV stories they do not want you to know about: Man arrested today after call that baseball bats were being used in an argument between a Marquette County couple – and an arrest this morning for domestic violence on grounds of a U.P. Native American nation – but the extraordinary effort to keep this info from you has taken a bad, corrupt and evil turn thanks to U.P. elected officials

U.P. Breaking News Bulletin and Editorial: – 4-13-18 – 7:40 a.m. ET –

Two men arrested this morning for separate alleged domestic violence assaults in Marquette County – one involved baseball bats and the other occurred on tribal lands

Violence in U.P. graphic.jpg

Shame on U.P. Sheriff’s and Prosecutors – who have taken the extreme step of dumping Mobile Patrol – effectively cutting off your right to know – hiding everything – unless they deem it fit for the public consumption

The real U.P. News Directors are the cops/prosecutors – who are acting like narcissistic, emotionally troubled children by taking info off mobile patrol

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette County, MI) – Friday the 13th is turning out to be a bloody day for Upper Peninsula women.

A man was booked into the Marquette County Jail early today after a domestic violence call involving a baseball bats.

Meanwhile another man was booked a short while ago for “a DV on the Rez,” an Marquette County Sheriff’s Department deputy radioed to the Marquette County Jail.

Little is known about these cases, and don’t expect the cops to tell you.

Marquette County has listed some of the arrests on Vinelink but Mobile Patrol seems to be permanently down for the entire U.P.

“She hit him with a bat,” stated a dispatcher, adding the male suspect allegedly used the bat on a vehicle.

The dispatcher even stated that the neighbors were worried about the male suspect’s well-being due to numerous arguments with the female half of the incidents.

53-year-old Jeffrey Paul Norman (address unconfirmed) was arrested on a domestic assault/violence charge.

Norman has online past addresses in Rock, Gladstone, Perkins and Aurora, Colorado.

Meanwhile – 42-year-old Brian Allen Johnson (address unconfirmed) was arrested about 7 a.m. ET this morning, Friday, April 13, 2018 for that alleged assault on a Native American reservation apparently in Marquette County.

If you have a photo of Mr. Norman or Mr. Johnson – please send it to us.

There were numerous DV calls during the night across the U.P. – but only this one arrest. Many agencies convince victims not to file charges. Despite an assault.
Please keep us informed about DV in your area – we will actively pursue these cases in the name of public decency.


While spending the once magic summers in the U.P. as a kid – always thought the elected officials here were extra honest. Boy was I duped.

Editorial on state of the DV and assault jail cover-ups in the U.P.:

Have you noticed we are the only media who really cares about this – all the other media hide behind mama’s apron – because of their needs to get lifeblood press releases from the cops (way after the fact, hardly news).

In fact, some media has wanted to see mobile patrol end because we have made the U.P. media look like the lame lapdogs that they are.

Purple DV RibbonOur question is to the women’s groups in the U.P. – do you folks support not identifying the suspects and not reporting to public the disposition of the DV cases???

If even the women’s groups are going along with the sheriff’s and prosecutors who like it covered up – God help the women of the U.P.

If the women’s groups do not go along with coverup – then why are they quiet as a mouse about it???

We expose all this because – one day – with more enlightened officials in charge – the pathetic U.P. abusers will be exposed.

Like the prisons, many will have to die before changes are made.

All need to be booted from office for dereliction of duty to protect the public from violent people.
Then there are the Mushroom Yoopers who like being raised in a vacuum. They prefer to believe the jolly TV newscasts – happy happy, joy joy (unless cops give the media permission to run a story via news release).

U.P. TV/Radio/Newspapers constantly coverup the arrests of wealthy advertisers and community leaders – we have proven that many, many times.

Now every law enforcement agencies and jail in the U.P. is violating the law by keeping the names/charges secret.

I am surprised Yoopers do not demand their rights – but media and crooked elected officials want it secret.

The reason – even last week we revealed a PPO case involving a powerful U.P. business man that was swept under the rug by U.P. media.

I hope young future reporters and future directors of U.P. women’s centers – decide they will not tolerate this. It may take 20 years and lots of black eyes, but hopefully one day the sun will shine on this scourge.

This is so disgusting its beyond words. We can only surmised they either sympathize with abusers (heard one cop in western U.P. has beaten women in his life without consequence, working on exposing him).
Until U.P. residents start demanding that their right to know – then your rights keep slipping away. The media will never take action like it has in other areas of the country.
The Boss Hogg cops and prosecutors will never tell the public about DV cases because they do not want you to know.
U.P. prosecutors treat the cases like they are not important and meant to be plea bargained away (they often even blame victim for having second thoughts about having their abuser prosecuted – and defense attorneys know it).

Lately U.P. law enforcement has started completely hiding all their arrests from Mobile Patrol, because of the crooked prosecutors and sheriff’s who do not want you to know what is happening.
They are embarrassed after running for office claiming to be tough on DV – when they are really soft and will plea down any and all cases – and we wonder why DV is only getting worse.

DV suspects know they will likely serve little time – so why not pummel the woman they “love.” Woman on woman DV is also a problem.

Only minorities in the U.P. have their DV cases thoroughly prosecuted. Heard about a case in Chippewa County where black suspects were jailed for year – no trial – and then released with no charges but stuck with huge attorney bills.



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