Editorial: The ONLY honest one in the whole bunch is ex-FBI Director James B. Comey – May our Creator Bless the Truth Tellers – Truth is in Short Supply in the from the smallest towns in the Upper Peninsula – to the whole state of Michigan

We hope that Upper Peninsula Truth Tellers – are inspired by James Comey – as he’s a true America hero and Truth Teller Extraordinaire – We rarely comment on national politics but this is rare – Honesty out of DC


By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(United States of America) – Former FBI Director James B. Comey is one of the few honest people in Washington, D.C. – amid thugs on all sides.

People have forgotten the real meaning of honesty in public service: Any form of coverup, misrepresentation, omission and blatant lie.

Some Yooper governments have hid their corruption for decades – but will be exposed thanks to you – The Truth Tellers. Please be inspired by Jim Comey, who hasn’t forgotten the meaning of integrity.

There is the old news saying – that if your story pisses off all sides – then you likely did a good job. But its more than that.

Comey has rare integrity. Comey saw through efforts to conceal corruption on all sides – and called them on it. Nothing ticks off politicos like being caught.

Hey to my Democrat buddies – Comey is not the reason that Hillary lost the election.

She lost because of the average American’s disgust of the corruption in Washington, D.C. – and endless, endless, broken promises by both sides. Hillary is one of the reasons Trump got elected.

The Democrats think a “We Hate Trump” mantra will make progressives forget how Hillary and the Democratic National Committee  cheated. Hillary and her band of uranium-stained underbosses lost because she expected a coronation.

Can hear Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King telling us to forgive Pres. Trump – what to me is the most unforgiveable act so far. Pres. Trump gave aide and comfort to the KKK and white supremacists.

Trump also put equivalent of Nazi monster in charge of the EPA – one evil, sickening and greedy dude. We live in a state where our top health official is charged of killing people and is still in office. We need our governor indicted on federal RICO charges after he raped the U.P.

Ironically, one way Trump is draining the swamp is a record number of Republican incumbents are not seeking re-election.  We need to take money out of elections before the system begins to correct itself.

In the U.P. there is not much true integrity left in the system. Our governments blatantly lie and hide stuff (like Copper Harbor and all the sheriff’s, prosecutors) to cover up things, put unending fines on the poor, a mental health system that really has become a sick joke.

The deep corruption in Marquette County played a big decision of our former sheriff abandoning the office and leaving town in disgust.
Its hard for truly honest men and women to work within corrupt sleaze. You can tell the U.P. crooks by certain giveaways – they are narcissists who have a ‘for me or against me’ mentality and truly believe they have some special throne on which to rule their little corner of the U.P.

I would not like to explain to kids how our current system is bankrupt financially, environmentally screwed and rotten to the core with all the money in politics. Things are so bad in Michigan, even picking which emergency is worse is hard – as all involve people dying or going to die (like COs/inmates).

U.P. counties are essentially bankrupt and hide lots from the public – its someplace special for slumlords, Boss Hogg politicos, Prosecutors/Sheriffs/Chiefs who try to keep the public in mushroom nirvana and protect those who commit domestic violence, and time and again we have proven that the U.P. rich – get treated differently by media and the system.

I know one case where a slumlord has allowed a couple to live in their burned dilapidated Ishpeming home. We have some slimy slumlords in the U.P.
Everyone who dies in a U.P. fire are inside in an old dwelling – saved especially for the low income – many barely standing from mining era.

So in the wake of all above, Comey IS the only one with integrity in that bunch and for that mater – more than 99 percent of the elected officials in “Superiorland.”


3 thoughts on “Editorial: The ONLY honest one in the whole bunch is ex-FBI Director James B. Comey – May our Creator Bless the Truth Tellers – Truth is in Short Supply in the from the smallest towns in the Upper Peninsula – to the whole state of Michigan

  1. are u out of your skull, comey, i broke federal law comey, u got to be kidding, honest, u can’t be talking about the fbi guy, who should be in jail, what dude, are u high, what have u missed here over the last year, comey is the last person in washington who is honest and has integrity, u of all people know this, did they get to u dude, of all the useless stuff i heard u say over the years, and now this, dude you lost it, comey should be in jail, with clinton and obama.


  2. Comey is a CROOK and a liar!!! Story fabricator!!!

    On Fri, Apr 13, 2018, 12:25 AM Upper Peninsula Breaking News by Greg Peters


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