Two residences burned Sunday in Ishpeming area – Fire officials continue their investigation into Sunday night mobile home fire at Sunnyside Estates in Ishpeming, MI – intoxicated, suicidal woman found unconscious and taken to the hospital; Meanwhile an Ishpeming family of five left homeless after a grease fire Sunday evening

URGENT URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin: – 4-8-18 – 9:55 p.m. ET

Woman was taken to the hospital Sunday night after being found just outside a mobile home fire at Sunnyside Estates in Ishpeming, MI – Investigation continues

Sunnyside Fire Graphic 4-8-18

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Ishpeming, MI) – Firefighters responded to a fully engulfed mobile home fire in Ishpeming on Sunday night – and at least one person has been taken to the hospital after being found covered up by debris very close to the blaze.

The fire was reported about 7:35 p.m. ET Sunday night, April 8, 2018 in the Sunnyside Estates Mobile Home Park located at 728 North Lake Drive in Ishpeming, MI.

Usually needed at fires to refill air tanks, the Marquette County Rescue Squad Unit 131 left the scene around 9 p.m. and headed back to their quarters – meaning the fire was basically out.
The trailer located at lot 99 was apparently destroyed or heavily damaged in the fire.

A man at the scene “may be overwhelmed by smoke” and “could not get inside” his girlfriend’s mother’s home in hopes of saving the two women, a dispatcher radioed to responding firefighters and law enforcement.

However, that man has not been transported from the scene by ambulance to the hospital. It is unknown if he was being questioned by police or if he sought his own treatment.

Law enforcement responding to the scene were told that earlier in the day a male was removed from the residence as part of a domestic violence investigation.

The mobile home at Lot 99 was destroyed in the fire.

U.P. Breaking News has reviewed the police tapes involving a domestic dispute between a man and a woman that occurred in the same trailer at about 1:15 p.m. ET Sunday afternoon.
The female in the domestic dispute was allegedly “hopped up on Ritalin,” a dispatcher told responding officers.
Police arrived and it was agreed the man would leave the residence.

Police say the woman made suicidal comments within an hour of the fire.

She was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, and for the drugs and alcohol in her system. She was found unconscious near the fire scene – possibly in a garage and was “covered with stuff.”

The 46-year-old female was found very close to the fire. The woman was “found outside covered underneath a bunch of stuff.”

The woman was very groggy, yet responsive to painful stimuli. The victim did not have any obvious burns.
The fire remains under investigation.


There was also another nearby structure fire about two hours earlier.

The Ishpeming Fire Department was called Sunday evening to a fire inside Apartment 7 at 715 Vine Street in Ishpeming, MI.

The occupants were cooking with grease – and that hot grease caught the top of the stove on fire and spread quickly to nearby kitchen cabinets.
In addition to the heavy smoke damage in the apartment, a lot of acrid smoke filled a second floor hallway.

Five people lived in the apartment including three children. Luckily, no one was injured. Ishpeming firefighters were assisted on the scene by Ishpeming Police.
The family will received aid from the Marquette County Pigs N’ Heat fire relief fund and the American Red Cross.

One very disturbing note, the battery had been removed from the smoke alarm. If you are in the same unsafe greasy boat – fix your fire alarm now!

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