Part 1 of 2: Upper Peninsula Corrections Officers say conditions are so horrible at the Marquette Branch Prison that the COs believe it jeopardizes the lives of the public – plus prison employees and inmates: MDOC uses Freedom of Information Act as weapon against Corrections Officers – plus lowest morale ever at MBP – as we expose corruption and dirty dealings – Coming up in Part #2 We tell you about MDP kitchen staff canoodling with inmates – and a “worse case scenario” narrowly averted involving a MDOC Sargent and how it was covered up – plus other shocking incidents

U.P. Breaking News Ongoing U.P. Prisons Investigation and Bulletin: – 4-7-18 – 10:42 p.m. ET – Part #1 of 2:

Threats, brutality, supervisor revenge, mismanagement, sex with inmates and favoritism – mixed with extreme corruption – that Corrections Officers tell us is allegedly happening at Marquette Branch Prison – and jeopardizing public safety and the lives of inmates and all prison staff

COs warn public

Former Marquette CO sent a ridiculous $500,000 state bill while using Freedom of Information Act to uncover corruption by getting the incriminating emails of top officials at the prison

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette, MI) – For those of you who did not believe what inmates were saying about Upper Peninsula prison conditions – now the COs basically agree – its a dangerous mess at the Marquette Branch Maximum Security Prison – so bad that lives are in jeopardy.

Some corrections officers at the Marquette Branch Prison say that morale has never been lower and the public has never been in more danger since the appointed of the new warden.

Upper Peninsula prisons are still a corrupt, vicious mess as corrections officers at Marquette Branch Prison say the public is in danger because of an alleged out-of-control warden who is allegedly running rough shod over everyone – while allegedly protecting her minions at the top ranks

In a communique obtained by U.P. Breaking News, Warden Erica Huss (aka Erica Scholl) is accused of allegedly spending her day threatening others at the prison and putting the lives of Marquette residents, staff and inmates in extreme danger. The new warden is not trying to fix the issues at MBP, the COs say, claiming she is just making it her kingdom behind bars

“Corrections officer morale is at an all-time low,” Marquette Branch Prison COs say in a communique obtained by U.P. Breaking News. “The turn over rate for new (prison) employees is at a record high.”

“Since she has arrived at Marquette Branch Prison, the safety and security of the public, employees, and inmates has been greatly jeopardized,” the communique reads.

“Employees at every level at MBP have been treated poorly, had their jobs threatened, or have been intimidated by Warden Erica Huss” the communique states, and has apparently gotten worse since U.P. Breaking News revealed the warden (above right) was married to a Michigan sex offender (above left) until recently.

“Dealing with the unneeded stress just isn’t worth it for some,” the document states. “Experienced staff (at MBP) with 5, 10, or 15 years of experience are quitting or taking different jobs for less pay,” the message states.

“This results in short staffing (and that means) all corrections officers have to work many hours and 16 hour shifts on a regular basis,” the communique states.


“This results in fatigue and burn out. That on top of the normal stress of the job and stress created by Warden Huss – creates and unsafe and hostile environment for all inside the prison and threatens the outside community”

Marquette Branch Prison Corrections Officers “are treated very poorly of late.”
When something goes down at MBP, the big bosses dump all the blame on corrections officers and other staff instead of performing their boss duties with integrity becoming of the job, say the worried COs who know this could be a long hot summer in the Upper Peninsula.

“When an incident does occur, (COs) are held to a higher standard (than their bosses) and are harshly disciplined” while the top prison officials blame everyone but themselves. “Supervisors and administrative staff involved aren’t held accountable – blame is placed on the officers either unfairly or though corruption.”

“There have been many incidents of covering up inmate assaults on staff, disturbances, and violations by the prison’s privatized food system” – involving an infamous company dubiously named Trinity.

Besides getting it on with inmates, Trinity’s idea of a food operation involved making the inmates sick and angry – feeding rotten potatoes, maggots, disgusting green spam-like meat, and other horrid, unhealthy so-called food to inmates.

The first food scandal resulted in the company changing its name to Trinity – but it did not change the bosses/owners – who are getting rich on state contracts while mistreating inmates – and its very reminiscent of the old prison camps and chain gangs run by southern sheriffs in the 1900s.

The four-year food scandal recently forced the corrupt Michigan governor to fire the company run by his buddies.

“Harassment claims and grievances are always denied or not handled properly,” the communique from prison employees states. “Certain shifts have been targeted to pileup mass write-ups and suspensions.”

“FOIA requests have been made some staff members to receive information proving unfair treatment or harassment,” the condemning communique states – as it outlines the basis for severe corruption at MBP and other U.P. maximum security prisons and corrections facilities.

The MDOC punishes those who seek public records – and actually charges obscene amounts of money to correction officers, inmates and the downstate press (U.P. media is unaware of FOIA).
Those Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests “have either been denied or the employee who filed receives a bill for a ridiculous amount of money to obtain information.
In fact, one case is beyond the pale – and proves 100 percent that the MDIOC bosses are stinking corrupt from the top to the bottom.

You may recall, it was an MDOC spokesman who made a fool out of the Marquette newspaper by lying about the recent riot at the infamous Kinross Correctional Facility. U.P. Breaking News reported for hours on that fateful Saturday afternoon and night that a major riot was underway – yet the Mining Journal front page on Sunday said there was no incident. Based on the MDOC spokesman’s lies, the Mining Journal reported that a handful of inmates marched around in the Kinross Correctional facility yard mildly protesting. Wow!

What really happened was a full-blown riot with many fires, injuries, and a lot of destruction. Plus the MDOC buried the inmates involves into the bowels of several U.P. prisons – never to be heard from again.

But the truth is the Marquette paper never acknowledged the unbelievable slight – and pretended like it did not happen because they are chums with the state bosses – and all had rotten eggs on their faces.


A former MBP employee “requested the internet history for a few administrative staff byway of FOIA,” the statement reads. Then the state sent the former employee a bill for $500,000. Yes – a half million dollars.

A corrections officer’s salary is approx. $50,000 to $60,000 per year, the statement says.

Yet MBP officials were able to obtain the internet history of about 20 Marquette corrections officers – some of whom were put on 10-day suspensions.

And the medical crisis involving inmates continues in U.P. prisons, as today April 7, 2018 at least two U.P. inmates were taken to the hospital. An inmate at the Chippewa Correctional Facility complained of neurological problems and Kinross EMS took him to the Soo hospital. An inmate at the Ojibway Correctional Facility in Marenisco was taken to the Ironwood hospital Saturday for unknown medical reasons.

In Part #2 coming very soon, we tell you about the sex with inmates, the new warden is allegedly preventing COs from stopping the problem – but remember she did marry a Michigan Sex Offender – plus some incredible corruption and blunders at MBP 

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