If you enjoy beating women and children – move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – where the sheriffs, prosecutors and state police actively protect you if your are arrested – your name isn’t released (In fact is actively hidden) – your charges are dropped or plea bargained into the basement.

U.P. Breaking News Editorial/Expose: 4-6-18 10:30 p.m. ET

Why women will continue to be savagely beaten in the U.P. for decades to come – warn your two-year-old daughter about her future or buy her body armor

The Upper Peninsula: Someplace Perfect to Violently Beat Women and Children

UP DV Graphic

The official home of backwoods gorillas – suspects and elected officials

Thanks to U.P. sheriff’s Prosecutors and the closed-mouth state cops: The U.P. is still someplace special for the women and child beaters – and the rich involved in gross crimes Always skate as well

Backwoods Gorillas with Knuckles Dragging the Floor: Some Upper Peninsula sheriffs and prosecutors have actually beaten their own wives – and so sympathize with the suspects

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Upper Peninsula of Michigan) – Every single Upper Peninsula sheriff, prosecutors and Michigan State Police supervisor are involved in covering up for those who violently beat women.
A vast majority of the domestic beating victims in the U.P. are women – with suspects both men and women. Its that backwoods narcissist who think heor she has the God given right to pummel women.

In fact the dereliction of duty in the U.P. will ensure that if you have a two-year-old girl – its guaranteed she will be beaten when she starts dating because nothing is being done to prevent DV from continuing. Nothing. Just the opposite, as their names are covered up.
Ironically a few prosecutors run their re-election campaigns claiming to be tough on DV.

Hurry move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan if enjoy beating women and child because nothing will happen to you

DVin UP Graphic 5

Even if you are charged – you will get super sweet plea bargains.

Plus many U.P. cops and prosecutors are eager to hide the names and charges against women beaters.

In fact, they are required by law to release names, photos and charges immediately after arrest – however they tell lies like the charges have to be authorized etc.
Complete and 100 percent BS.

Its a local backwards policy  – not Michigan state law – to withhold names and charges against criminal suspects in U.P.

Besides liking DV suspects – the U.P. Boss Hoggs play a guessing name on Mobile Patrol – they want you to guess what the charges are: 

Some areas of the country actively get the names out and put them on TV feeds. 
Some even send some info (names only) to Vinelink and Mobile Patrol.

The worst of the worst crooked sheriffs and prosecutors in the U.P completely hide everything like Baraga, Ontonagon, Gogebic Luce and some other counties – who absolutely love the folks who assault women and are child beaters.

A big case of child beating was recently covered up in Baraga County – and the suspect is a woman who fled.

And one of the worst plea bargains in DV history happened in past year in Delta County. In fact it is so horrified the sheriff and prosecutors should resigned in disgrace.

There there are the noble the state police – whom I was always taught to respect.

However there are courageous MSP troopers hands in the U.P. shut up or get fired or reassigned. MSP troops are forced to quietly go along with the crooked sheriff’s and shrug their shoulders – without the guts to speak out against the system.

The FBI has few agents in the U.P – and they have never ever investigated a white collar crime against a white U.P. elected leader. Never.

In Georgia at least they here sheriffs, prosecutors and other elected officials into their own jails.
One problem is there are so many socials issues that have been ignored in the U.P. that now its rampant.

Listen to the scanner for one night, a handful of cops on the roads in big U.P. counties – resounding to a host of mental illness and suicidal cases. Plus assaults everywhere.

During a clandestine meeting with a state cop recently – I was told that troopers are genuinely afraid that they will be shot one night because of all the untreated mental illness – the state budget answer to that is to continue to cut U.P. funding on all social areas.

I am truly ashamed of our leaders – and their bucket-load of lame excuses. I was taught when I grew up that these leaders were honorable.

These Boss Hoggs have a bizarre mental illness – they hunker down with a “you’re for us” or “you’re against us” mental defect.

They cannot take criticism.

The media is mind-controlled laps dog – to be fed occasional news releases days later – and corrupt officials have their hands licked by all the U.P. news bosses – like little pigs on a teet.

Since the first of the year, just a few examples of what we have already seen:

  • Marquette businessman gets away with hit and run
  • A U.P. radio executive’s jailing covered-up by U.P. media
  • A wealthy Marquette County west-end women is allowed to steal a quarter million dollars with a slap on the wrist
  • The inexplicable case (wealthy family) of a rapist in Forsyth Township – the male family scion was actually recently given probation for rape CSC
  • Then the man is Escanaba who savagely beat a kid into a coma – then a few years later strangled and threatened his girlfriend – who had major felonies dropped to an attempted DV – and he got just one year in state prison – and will soon be released in Delta County for all the women to date

Tell me is this justice?!?

As we shut down our news service on Sunday for financial reasons, we have two or three more exposes in the kettle of fish that is the U.P. Even in this new century.

#1 We will exposed how the Houghton County Sheriff, Michigan State Police, and Michigan Tech University who are involved in a conspiracy to illegally give a majority of the wrecker business to one company they favor– the company that also tunes and services their cops cars.
And the same wrecker service that has relatives on the force. The Michigan State Police Calumet Post supervisor has been repeatedly told about about this conspiracy – and MSP does nothing to stop it .

#2 Will will explain the Boss Hogg syndrome that permeates those in power. I started working political corruption news assignments in south Georgia (many arrests made by a watchful FBI)
In the U.P. an elected official can get away with anything they want – no checks and balances.

We just had a tip that the city of Marquette is purposely overpaying a building contractor – hiding the overruns – and a watchdog who blew the whistle was fired. Shame on Marquette. If we can before Sunday, we will pass along more info on that corruptions case involving Marquette city hall renovations.

Sunday midnight is our official unplugging moment – sadly – I hate it but have spent thousands of my own money.
I have had numerous state and federal cops privately acknowledge we are correct – but they can do nothing.
It takes decades to weed out a Boss Hogg system when the FBI isn’t watching. So tell the young girl to be prepared to be pummeled because those in charge are shameless idiots.
We cannot afford to continue fighting these big-headed creeps.
Our expenses are only $250 a month – and need help paying a huge government public records bill.

I understand most of our great and beautiful readers are low-income because we fight for them.
But if you have the means – and you believe in an independent press – please help. But don’t worry – if you can’t I’ll be fishing all summer rather than working. My retirement from news – and exposing U.P. corruption.

I believe the only way to make change with a Boss Hogg system that’s been ingrained for100 years – is to shine light on the problem. Please do not let your two-year-old girl be a victim when she’s a teen or older.

If Upper Peninsula women’s DV groups do not demand that a light be shone on offenders – then the beatings will continue for decades to come. Stand up and have the guts I know you have. Its not 1984.

dvin UP Graphic 2DVin UP Graphic 5dvin UP Graphic 4Worried ChildDVin UP Graphic 3UP DV Graphic

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