The Check and Cash Dash: Employee theft alleged at U.P. Check and Cash Store

URGENT U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 4-5-18 – 3:36 p.m. 

Police asked to probe employee theft at U.P. Check and Cash – One of several different but annual U.P. embezzlement scams you will likely hear about soon – as they are uncovered this time of year – and end of fiscal year

Check and Cash graphic.jpg

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Marquette, MI) – U.P. Breaking News has learned that a police investigation has been requested into an employee theft case at a Upper Peninsula Check N’ Cash store.

Often as annual bookkeeping work for taxes and other reasons – there are often embezzlement cases discovered by auditors involving employees that is discovered at businesses across the U.P. – and sometimes government or entrusted employees.

Check and Cash 3

Little is known about the investigation or who the target of the probe.
However, sources say a regional manager for Check & Cash was in Marquette County yesterday, Wed., April 4, 2018 and asked for a police investigation.
Check and Cash has two stores in Marquette County – Ishpeming and Marquette. However while the investigation request was made in Marquette County, there is always the possibility it could be at any of the seven locations.

Check and Cash 1

That regional manager has requested a police investigation into an employee who was allegedly stealing money. It is unclear how much money was stolen – of if anyone has been arrested at this point (we need pad for MP).

Check and Cash has U.P. stores in Escanaba, Houghton, Iron Mountain, Marquette, Ishpeming and Sault Ste. Marie. The company website says seven sites but lists only six.

Sadly, embezzlement has always been a problem in the U.P. :

Greed: Often for outright greed

Gambling addict: Think they will put back the cash in the next big win (that never comes). Sometimes bookkeepers who can cover crime for a time – or government employees with access to cash.

Entitlement/pay or work anger : These folks think they deserve more – or want more -often with huge a narcissism problem

Drugs/Alcohol: The U.P. has few cops working an epidemic of highly addictive drugs like never before. Cops assigned to UPSET and other great U.P. drug teams are really trying but vastly outnumbered as the meth/heroin/opiate crisis is growing every second – plus too many meth babies being born ill.

Crushing poverty – Sometimes good people who are not addicts choose the wrong way to pay for their kids/food – Obviously a foolish, dumb, and hugely wrong way to do it.

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