The 2018 Easter/Passover Snowstorm causes numerous crashes: Alger County Snow Plow Crash, Marq-Tran bus buried in snowbank, vehicle into tree in Delta County Friday Night – and literally dozens of other accidents across the U.P.

URGENT – U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 3-31-18 7:30 p.m. ET UPDATE:

The driver of the Alger County Road Commission snowplow has been identified as 53-year-old Terry Tyner of Limestone, MI.

While northbound in the big plow, a wing blade on the truck caught the edge of the road, and spun the vehicle – and snowplow overturned.

A  full load of salt was dumped on the side of the road and was cleaned up.

A MSP press release contradicts what doctors were told while the victim was being taken to U.P. Health System-Marquette. It is important for physicians to known if a victim was wearing any kind of seat belt or shoulder harness.

Michigan State Police say Tyner – who received minor injuries – was wearing a seat belt.

Doctors were told he was the “unrestrained” driver – meaning no seat belt or shoulder harness.

It is not uncommon for initial information on breaking news to differ, though this is a bit surprising as that sort of info is vital. (seems like a case of who told what and when and where) – as usual we have it all on tape.


12:55 p.m. ET –
Alger County Snowplow overturns, Marq-Tran Bus crashes into snowbank, dozens of other wrecks caused by the 2018 Easter/Passover Snowstorm


Marq-Tran Bus into snowbank
Here are links to latest NWS bulletins:
Snowstorm Continues
Hazardous Weather Outlook
Winter Storm Warning in effect from March 31, 06:00 AM CDT until March 31, 04:00 PM CD
Winter Storm Warning
Gale Warning

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Upper Peninsula of Michigan) – An Alger County Road Commission Snowplow flipped on its side Saturday morning in South Marquette county going 40 mph and sent driver to the hospital – just one of dozens of crashes including a Marq-Tran bus into snowbank – so far during the 2018 Easter/Passover Blizzard-like snowstorm.


Meanwhile the Marquette National Weather Service office in Negaunee Township is officially “discouraging travel” in the snowstorm.
We also have reports of scattered power issues – apparently affect the Beef-A-Roo in Negaunee that had to close this morning while issues corrected.

NWS Discourages Travel 3-31-18

Cops in Marquette were just asking for more snowplows and sand trucks because of very, very, treacherous driving.

At last report, an Alger County Road Commission snowplow remained on its side on U.S.-41 south in Skandia Township near the Marquette County/Alger County line.

The snowplow wreck should be a tip for rest of you – do not drive in storm unless emergency.

The wreck is on U.S.-41 south in Skandia Township in Marquette County right at the Alger County Line.
The crash was reported at about 8:35 a.m. ET this morning, Saturday, March 31, 2018 – and three hors later the snowplow was still overturned as it caused a motorist to flag down a law enforcement officer in Delta County.

Officials have to decide the best way to recover the Alger County Road Commission full-sized plow truck – and a ACRC supervisor went to the scene.
Apparently the options include use another big county truck to pull the truck back on its wheels – or get one of those huge wreckers used for semi trucks.

Doctors at U.P Health System-Marquette were told via radio that the driver was traveling about 40 miles per hour, when the plow hit something (maybe snow bank on shoulder of road) that made him spinout and over-turn on its side.
There were white-out conditions at the time – and those conditions have lead to more than two dozen crashes across the U.P. by noon Saturday.

Michigan State Police issued a press released that disputed what doctors were initially told about the victim.

MSP say the victim was wearing a seat belt.

However paramedics told doctors via radio (we have on tape) the plow driver was “unrestrained” (not wearing seat or shoulder belt) at time of crash – however we are not sure how plows are equipped and if that is common in those big plows.

The driver “self-extricated” by climbing out of vehicle – after officials broke out front window. That driver was taken by ambulance to U.P. Health System-Marquette to be checked for was were thought to be minor injuries.

Among those called to the scene were the Skandia Township Volunteer Fire Department, Skandia Township First Responders, and Michigan State Police from the Negaunee Post.
The Marquette County Rescue Squad 131 were also dispatched but cancelled after the breaking out the front window allowed the trapped driver to climb out under his own power.

Marq-Tran Bus into snowbank

Meanwhile about 15 minutes later, paramedics on U.S.-41 spotted a bus “buried” in the snowbank in Chocolay Township.
The paramedics radioed 911 that a Marq-Tran bus was buried in a snowbank – not injuries. The bus not blocking traffic – in Harvey, MI.

The Marq-Tran bus hit snowbank near bus pickup site/Krist Oil Citgo station parking lot in Harvey, MI. A wrecker was called.

And in Delta County after 9 p.m. Friday night, a vehicle slammed into a tree on the 1300 block of Sheridan Avenue in Escanaba, MI.
The vehicle was called a truck (pickup or SUV type) and it was totaled in the crash.
The driver apparently has a history with police, and left the scene to go to either his home or relative’s home. The driver – believed to be 25-years-old – had a highly restricted license that prohibits most driving – only allowed travel to work, or proof of medical appointment.
U.P. Breaking News is still gathering info on this crash

NWS Discourages Travel 3-31-18 2

Here are links to latest NWS bulletins:

Snowstorm Continues

Winter Storm Warning

Gale Warning

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