Suicides in U.P. continued this afternoon as tragically another Yooper takes his life – Lots of unreported U.P. suicides hidden from media – Public oblivious: Another recent NMU student suicide? – Marquette County school sports team suicide pact? – and it happened again today

U.P. Breaking News Ongoing Suicide Advisory – another today – 3-28-18 4:50 p.m. ET –

Another Yooper takes his life with a rope – as U.P. suicide epidemic continues with a more than weekly rate – Doesn’t count attempted suicides

Plus Another NMU suicide?/Public schools sports team suicide pact in Marquette County? – And it tragically happened again today in the U.P.

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

U.P. lawmakers please help – as the U.P. averaging more than one suicide per week in recent months.
Even now this moment, U.P. police are handing a hanging of a 33-year-old man. Purposely not saying location-please do not say it if you know.

Unless we have it on tape from cops, there is no way to confirm any suicides in U.P. as police are afraid to speak publicly about it and media does their obligatory and vague once a year story.

I believed for 40 years that media should not report suicides – but that tactic has not worked – it has failed miserably.

The thought was reporting suicides increases suicides – well without the reporting – the U.P. suicide rate has tripled or more.

The U.P. weekly suicide rate is fat, far beyond – way, way out of control!

Since we reported the recent hanging of a 21-year-old male student at NMU – we heard there was yet another suicide of female NMU student.

Plus have gotten unconfirmed reports that some male members of a school sports team in Marquette County – had a suicide pact but a mom found out and stopped it.

We are not (yet) saying team at this point – and if I call and ask school officials they run away like track stars. No one wants to deal with this.

Or is it better to ignore it, not try to fix underfunded and broken system, and pretend our crushing poverty rate and addictive drug crisis is not happening. Also -we need to stop stigmatizing depression. People who feel depressed should be loved and helped – not shunned and bad-mouthed by judgmental Yoopers.

One start would be to throw our past three governors in prison for not protecting our communities – dereliction of duty.

Restore funding at levels that assures follow-up care happens always and a lot.

The old U.P. treat me like a mushroom comfort because nothing ever happens in mushroom world.

U.P. Suicide Prevention Coalition Facebok bannerU.P. Suicide Help Graphic

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