Saturday chainsaw accident: Perkins, MI man rushed to hospital after chainsaw cuts through his boot and into his foot

URGENT – U.P. Breaking News Bulletin – 3-24-18 – 8 p.m. ET

Delta County, MI man injured in Saturday afternoon chainsaw accident

Perkins chainsaw 3 graphic

By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Rapid River, MI) – A Delta County man is hospitalized tonight after being injured in a Saturday afternoon chainsaw accident.

The incident was reported this afternoon at 11607 M-35 in the Perkins, MI area.

The victim was operating a chainsaw when “the chainsaw went through his boot,” a Delta County 911 dispatcher told paramedics and EMTs who were rushing to the man’s aid.

“Bleeding is uncontrolled,” the dispatcher said relaying what the 51-year-old victim was telling her.

Rock EMS and Rampart EMS were dispatched.

However, a short time later the dispatcher told responding emergency officials that the man was applying pressure to his boot and bleeding had possibly slowed.

The victim did not want to remove his boot to examine how extensively his foot had been damaged. He was waiting for professionals to do that.

Rock EMS canceled Rampart and rushed the man to St. Francis Hospital in Escanaba, MI

The extent of the victim’s foot injuries is not known. It is not known if he’ll need to be transferred to a regional hospital.

Hope this serves as a cautionary reminder for all U.P. residents – specially those who routinely use chainsaws and never think it can happen to them.

Perkins chainsaw 1Perkins chainsaw 2Perkins chainsaw 3 graphic

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