Ironwood, MI Meth Probe – U.P. Breaking News Bulletin: Gogebic County methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin case goes federal

Numerous federal charges expected from huge meth probe in Gogebic County including indictment from a grand jury sitting in Marquette, MI – includes heroin, cocaine and weapons



By Greg Peterson
U.P. Breaking News
Owner, News Director


(Marquette, MI) – A man, who was one of four arrested on state meth charges almost two weeks ago in Gogebic County, was appointed the federal version of a court-appointed defense attorney on Tuesday.

Federal drug agents were among the many law enforcement agencies on the scene for the Gogebic County meth raid that was the announced on Friday. January 20, 2017 by the Gogebic Iron Area Narcotics Team – better known as “GIANT.” Numerous meth and other drug and weapons charges against an unknown number of people are expected as federal prosecutors in Marquette bring witnesses before a federal grand jury.

gogebic-giant-bust-press-release-5-corey-tutorOn Tuesday, 34-year-old Corey Allan Tutor, who has ties to Gogebic County and Ashland, WI, was given an attorney at no cost by U.S. Magistrate Timothy P. Greeley. Appointed to represent Tutor was an unnamed member of the U.S. Public Defender Office in Marquette, MI. The office is headed in Marquette by Asst. U.S. Public Defender Elizabeth LaCosse – who once was a prosecutor in the western U.P.

Convicted felon 33-year-old Jeremy James Whitebird – whose home allegedly had $50,000 in meth and other drugs when searched by GIANT agents – is one of the main targets of the local, state and federal drug probe. He faces drug charges and two counts of possession of a gun by a convicted felon – that brings serious time in the federal system.

Officials said that Whitebird has an extensive criminal history, however U.p. Breaking News has been unable to find out much about him through online and other sources.

Current state charges against Whitebird include possession with intent to deliver methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

The raid involving state and federal drug agents was conducted by the GIANT drug team, the Gogebic Iron SWAT Team, Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Beacon Ambulance Service stood by the scene just in case.

Police confiscated a large amount of meth, coke, heroin, and pot plus several firearms and ammunition, according to a GIANT press release.

Two others – plus Tutor – were present during the raid at the Whitebird residence. The trio are charged with possession of methamphetamines and a loitering charge for allegedly hanging around a drug house. They are 21-year-old Rebecca Jade Gibbons, 30-year-old Carlos Jordan, 30, and 34-year-old Corey Allan Tutor.

Meanwhile, another Gogebic County resident was appointed a U.S. Federal Public Defender on Tuesday – Lisa Celeskey of Ironwood, MI. The reason Celeskey needs a defense attorney for federal probe is not known. The Federal Public Defender Office recommended that attorney Sarah Emily Henderson be appointed to represent Celeskey

Gogebic Iron Area Narcotics Team


gogebic-giant-banner-3-badgeThis is one of several drug teams in the Upper Peninsula that are working to stamp out the methamphetamine problem that has led to countless deaths, plus left hundreds of Yoopers with very hard to beat addictions to meth, and U.P. Breaking News has heard from numerous homeowners who are among those with rental property that got used as meth labs causing millions of dollars of damage to homes across the U.P.





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